Children's sports protection and self-protection workshop @ Guanyin

To establish correct self-protection knowledge for young athletes

Avoid affecting sports career due to insufficient concept of sports protection

or be misled, deceived

sexually harassed, assaulted, etc.

So the Society of Good Deeds invites

Yau Shui Lau Physiotherapist of Honest Movement

Come to Guanyin High School to share

[I don't want to grow up and be injured and have surgery] course

Shared the differences between Chinese martial arts gym/rehabilitation, sports massage and physical therapist

Based on practical experience with video assistance

Introduce sports injuries that are common in children's special sports billiards and badminton

And how to use the muscles to maintain the correct posture for weight training

Finally, let the children practice the complete [Pain Narrative] one-on-one.

Including descriptions of pain frequency, difference in pain sensation, pain location, pain index, and what actions will hurt, etc.

The more complete, the better for professionals to assist!

By demonstrating his expertise as a physical therapist

Let children have a deeper understanding that in addition to athletes

There are also different career options

in the development of athletes

In order for them to go beyond their limits and pursue excellence

A culture that is too practiced or does not allow [stopping]

Instead, let the child ignore the distress signal from the body

This is something we don't want to see and want to change

If you agree with our philosophy

Invite you to donate to support and continue to pay attention

Or discuss the possibility of cooperation with us

Let's do good together with exercise:

Give us the opportunity to expand the number of people served by the program

※Let the next generation change from this generation※

Special thanks for the continued support of the Association

Provide healthy snacks for children Kenji Kenji

# Sports Protection and Self-protection Workshop

# movement is a good thing movement does good deeds


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