Athletes in primary and secondary schools are in the stage of rapid physical and mental development. In addition to the supply and supplement of physical nutrition, the learning and accumulation of basic knowledge, as well as the exploration and thinking of future career development are extremely critical during this periods.
Therefore, in addition to providing tuition and fees,生活協助, nutritional subsidies and transportation allowances, trying to supplement the physical aspects of children and young athletes, taking care of women's physical needs, we provideTutors Accompanying,Sports Protection and Self-protection Workshop.
By helping these athletes stay in the team and campus, they can pitch balls, swing hard, and receive stable education. So that these disadvantaged children have the opportunity to change, and they can bravely imagine their future and life.
Sport for all!參與運動的熱情與機會,不應該受到性別、身心障礙、階級或環境等等限制,人人都能在場上享受運動,以達到真正的運動平權。我們希望讓更多孩子,從運動獲得自我肯定、相信自己做得到,「運動」讓我們成為更好的人。協會至今舉辦了:
Girls! Hit it out! New Taipei Girls Baseball Camp
LLB Challenger Cup Charity Competition for Children with Disabilities

see gender in sports

We are committed to opening up space for different genders. We initiatedForce for Boob: Help Girls Exercise ComfortablySports underwear equality action public welfare project, heldMedia Experience and Women's Sport Development Across Generationsforum,Rare Female Figures in International Sports Organizationsforum,Sports Diplomacy: Taiwan-USA Collaboration on Building the Asia-Pacific Gender Equality in Sports Exchange Platform國際論壇,籌建從運動圈角度出發的性別平等教材,包含英語、日語、韓語、越南、印尼、泰國及菲律賓七國語言的影片及電子書,扎根台灣,放眼世界,持續在國內外透過性平價值交流及倡議。

Group photo Parkishon

sports diplomacy

We believe that we can make friends with the world by sports and let the world see Taiwan. The experience of international exchanges will become a better nutrient for Taiwan, and at the same time let Taiwanese children go international. We initiatedBaseball for Palestine, love from Taiwan public welfare project, assisting children in Palestine. We support and publish"Women in Sports" International Magazine, making good use of the power of media to promote gender equality in sports, and hold the firstWomen in Sports International Photo Awards, touching people's hearts with photo stories. We promoted and successfully established domesticLegislative Yuan Women Sports Diplomacy Promotion Association, continiously sharing Taiwan's values of gender equality and diversity with the world through human rights and sports diplomacy, to break through diplomatic difficulties and become good partners with the world.

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