"Women in Sports" International Photography Competition

Initiated by the Taiwan Sports Good Deeds Association

The world's first "Women in Sports" international photography competition

According to statistics from the United Nations

Women make up 40% of professional athletes

But coverage of women's sports

But it only accounts for "4%" exposed by all sports media

The ratio is quite disparate and unbalanced

Therefore, we hope that by organizing the Women in Sports International Photo Contest

Aims to make women in sport visible

Also a tribute to the sports photographer

Let the world see Taiwan's efforts to attach importance to sports equality

The total prize money of the competition exceeds 600,000 yuan

It is divided into three groups: International Professional Group, Taiwan Domestic Group and Taiwan Campus Group.

The subject of the photography is a woman representing a sporting event or event

Including but not limited to athletes, cheerleaders, referees, media, tournament personnel, volunteers and spectators

Period of solicitation: 2022/12/1-2023/1/31

Filming period: 2022/1/1-2022/12/31

Each person can submit up to five works!

The shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Taiwan in May 2023

All are welcome to contribute!

For detailed competition rules and registration information, please refer to the following website:

Competition official website:
Fans of the Taiwan Sports Association:

# Women in Sports International Photo Awards 2022

# Women in Sports International Photo Contest

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